You need a bike that
fits you right!

The GURU Dynamic Fit Unit™ (DFU™) is the world's most advanced bike fit system, providing an infinite range of motion and real-time adjustment to create the perfect ride for you. GURU's revolutionary software powers the GURU Fit System™, providing you with an interactive, personalized fit experience to create the perfect riding position.

With the GURU system we're able to use both traditional F.I.S.T. protocol measurements methods and the "rider feel" personal feedback dynamics. True Cycling Studio is proud to be one of only a few locations in the Mid-Atlantic Region to offer this exclusive service. We don't sell bikes but we can help you choose the right one from either a local shop, our virtual warehouse, or from an online store. We also provide retro/optimization fits to improve your ride position and performance on your current bike.


Session Options

Basic Fit

Full body measurement with GURU Scan. Rider positioning using Integrated F.I.S.T protocols. Up to 3 different position captures for comparison. Aline® insert alignment analysis. Basic Flexibility assessment. Real-time (incremental) position changes. Saddle positioning. Handle bar reach and stack positioning. Streaming integrated video to track riding position changes. Fit summary report.

Custom Fit

Basic Fit options plus: Up to 5 different position captures for comparison. Saddle assessment and selection options. Fizik Spine Concept test / Flexibility assessment. Fizik, ISM and Zipp equipment selection. Pedal stroke analysis. Summary sheet with exact fit coordinates to modify new or existing bike. Final Fit Printout emailed to you and GURU Data Storage.

Optimized Fit

Custom Fit options plus: Up to 10 different position captures for comparison including customer’s current bike position. On the fly equipment selection change to compare different handlebars sizes & saddles. ‘Motion capture’ video and optional in-depth body angle analysis using GURU Range of Right® ** . Video screen shot of position in report. Spin Scan module provides comprehensive power analysis (i.e., pedal scan).  Retro fit for existing bike. Triathlon/time trial-specific fit module. If needed 30-day post-session adjustment period to further modify position. Optional post-fit current bike calibrated and/or recommendation for new bike. Optional - Shoe sizing and cleat placement.

Please fill out the request form to get your initial complimentary personal Guru discovery consultation prior to your fit session.  All fits have 90 day guarantee.


Sample fit report