TRX Movement = Better You


 The TRX Suspension Trainer was created by the Navy Seals intended to keep these special breed of Warfighters in optimal  physical condition while they were deployed to remote areas with no fitness equipment such as free-weights and machines.  Since the TRX suspension trainers introduction, the RIP trainers and Duo Trainers  have been added.  All or in part, these modalities are successfully used in the fitness curriculum of the military, professional athletes, athletic coaches, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, physical rehabilitation professionals, seniors, and children, basically all individuals of varying fitness and ability levels.

  Benefits of TRX 

 With today’s fitness concept being focused more on analytical metrics relative to power, speed, heart rate, perceived exertion, VO2 max, etc., the one area of general fitness and health that is vital to improving overall performance, namely movement (proper movement), has been a forgotten component of fitness. It is absent from most fitness regimens curriculum featured in most gyms and fitness centers.  Because Movement as an indicator of health it is a cornerstone, not just a subset of all True Cycling Studio offerings, from cycling to TRX Yoga.

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Restoring your core

Restoring your core

Having a strong core requires much more than having defined abs. Your core keeps you standing and sitting upright, protects your back, and it even can affect your breathing and digestion. Functional training such as those offered at True Cycling Studio with certified and knowledgeable coaches will help you restore your core from the inside out.