Live the TRUE experience

You can ride in our Cycling Theater, reshape in our Functional Training Zone, or mix it up with a double shot of cardio and strength. All in a friendly boutique environment!


Cycling Theater


Pedal to the beat of exhilarating music in our iconic cycling theater and track your speed, power and endurance on the award-winning Stages™ indoor cycles. The True Cycling Studio Experience is designed for individuals of every experience level. If you’re looking for a high-cardio burn and a motivating environment, True Cycling Studio is for you!



$10 class. Level: Beginner. Length: 30 min. This session is broken down into a short tour and a 30-minute cycling class. You will learn how to set up the bike, track your performance, and find your FTP (Functional Threshold Power). If you are new to cycling, this class is meant for you! 


$10 class. Level: All levels. Length: 30 min. This signature ride is a 30-minute cardio party with exhilarating rides, choreographed to rhythmic beats of energetic and uplifting music that will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.


$20 class. Level: All levels. Length: 45 min. This ride is a cardio party with expert coaches who will create challenging, exhilarating rides, and featuring indoor cycling techniques.  Ride to rhythmic beats of energetic and uplifting music that will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals. This party on pedals was created to change your body and your life!

Velo and spokes ride.jpg


$10 class. Level: Intermediate. Length: From 25 to 45 minutes. Spivi® structured workouts guided by a team of Virtual Instructors from different countries in the world. It monitors performance data, analyzes it and displays a real-time interactive 3D scenery.
These videos will provide the varied cross-training you need to enhance your fitness and have fun!  

Combination "Combo" Classes

Enjoy our signature Combo classes. If you are planning on taking these classes, please refer to the Cycling Theater to reserve your spot.

Ride & Fit Combo

$20 small-group class. All levels. Length: 1 hour. This blast workout incorporates 30 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 20 minutes of functional training, which includes TRX® suspension and rip trainers, and an intelligent and interactive Pavigym floor. Enjoy this double shot of cardio and strength!

Ride & Zumba Combo

$20 small-group class. All levels. Length: 1 hour. Friday Rumba: Ride & Zumba. This class is broken down into 30-min cycling and 20-min Zumba. Ride and dance to rhythmic beats. If you want to burn lots of calories while having fun, this is a must class to sign up for!

FUNctional Zone



$15 small-group class. Level: All levels. Length: 1 hr. Our yoga classes take place in a warm room, with about 75°F temperature. Experience a healthier lifestyle through mind and body connection. Explore the art and science of yoga in a supportive environment, focusing on breath work, seated and standing postures. Increase your flexibility, gain muscle strength and tone; improve your respiration, blood flow, posture, balance, energy and vitality; learn to quiet your mind, feel relaxed, and build awareness. Classes are appropriate for beginners and experienced students alike. 


$20 small-group class. Level: Beginner/intermediate. Length: 1 hr. This class takes place in a ventilated room with about 72°F temperature, and incorporates TRX Suspension Training and yoga. This class is ideal for beginner practitioners to learn about the advantages and principles of functional training, explore different types of TRX and yoga poses, while gaining core strength, flexibility, and endurance.



$20 small-group class. Level: All levels. Length: 45 min. This fitness training workout incorporates TRX® and Pavigym™ functional training, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, resistance bands, and more! If you want to gain core strength, flexibility, mobility, and shed those few extra pounds, then this is a must class to sign up for!

TRX® was born in the Navy SEALs. This training will help you develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. The TRX® Suspension Trainer and RIP Trainer use gravity and movement to maximize the benefits of bodyweight exercise for faster results! 

PAVIGYM™ uses a combination of the best performance flooring, interactive technology, inspiring designs, and ready-to-use programming. True Cycling Studio is the only boutique studio in Maryland to offer the 3.0 Combo, an intelligent and interactive floor with integrated LED lights, allowing endless possibilities to your functional training!

Whether you’re new to fitness, or a seasoned athlete TRX™ and Pavigm™ Training will take your fitness to higher level.

Body Blast

$20 small-group class. Level: All levels. This workout will take you through a cardio and functional strength training. If you are looking for a tighter, firmer physique while improving your core strength and movement, this is a must class to sign up for!


$20 small-group class. All levels. This class combines kickboxing with aerobics. Burn calories, get stronger, and tone up. Plyometric moves are interchanged with isometric moves, and they are all synced to the music. If you like kickboxing and aerobics, this is a must class to sign up for!


$20 small-group class. Level: All levels. Length: 45 min. This class incorporates the fundamentals of Pilates in combination with weights, bands, balls, and TRX straps. Modifications are provided. Gain strength, mobility, and improve your body posture.