• What's the minimun age to use our services?

    Children between the ages of 12-16 can join classes. Parent/guardian consent and supervision required. For special Family Events, children 5+ could join yoga, and 10+ could join cycling sessions.

  • Is child care available?

    Not available at our facility at this time.

  • Do I have to reserve a spot?

    We recommend you reserve a spot as soon as possible through either our Schedule or Buy tabs on our website or App.

  • Are there showers in the facility?

    Yes, there are 4 showers altogether; 2 per bathroom.We also have 2 dry-changing rooms. Bath towel rental: $2/session

  • Do I need cycling shoes?

    Our bikes have both SPD clips and baskets. Cycling shoes rental: $2/session. We sell SHIMANO shoes, per order. Cleats provide a more stable, effective, safe ride and allow you to better work the various muscle groups throughout the entire pedal stroke.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you cancel from a class within 2 hours of the class start time, then you will be marked as a “late cancel,” you will lose that session from the package, or you will be charged a $10 late cancelation fee if you are a member. If you are enrolled in an early-morning class and cancel after 9 p.m. the evening before class, then you may be marked as a “late cancel.” To cancel a class from the True Cycling Studio website or app please access your account, click “My Classes”, and select “Unreserve.” If you need to cancel over one hour before the class begins, you can cancel online. If less than one hour, you need to contact the studio.

  • Do you have Open Studio Hours?

    Yes, Open Studio Hours are available to members with Unlimited Membership. Mon-Fri 11a.m.-1p.m. and 5-7p.m. Sat. 9-11 a.m. Walk-ins are welcome for members during these hours .